Sabtu, Februari 17, 2001

It's has been a helluva week. Timenet disconnected the connection while verifying my password. I tried several times and then i gave up. Maybe there is a conspiracy against me. The RM22000 software that my coworker bought for our lab is not compatible with our computers. She then handed me the problem to solve.

Isnin, Februari 12, 2001

I attended a course on LAN and at the same time I also booked a sit at Visual Basic training session. What was I thinking?! I can't clone myself and be at 2 places at the same time. Using my persuasion technique plus the power of IT head, I asked my subordinate to replace me for Visual Basic. He seemed reluctant, but I know he'd thank me for this.

Khamis, Februari 08, 2001

I managed to setup a website for It Unit of my org. People will not disturb me at my office with problems like lost screensaver, lost icons, pinter can't print etc. The have to put their problems in writing using a web form. I'll then direct the report to my technician. Whether my technician will act on it or not that another story. Nothing in my intray today! It's a miracle.

Went to KeAdilan Rally last nite. The point to remember based on Ezam's speech is NEVER TRUST UTUSAN and never take point from Utusan to argue with people.

Selasa, Februari 06, 2001

Found in private message zone of HARIMAU JADIAN GUESTBOOK : "Saya akan menerbitkan sebuah tabloid mengenai ******** dan ****** bulan March/April nanti, insyaalah. Oleh itu, saya sedang mencari penulis-penulis sambilan untuk memenuhi ruangan dan ingin menjemput saudara untuk menjadi salah seorang daripadanya. Itupun jika saudara berminat. Sila hubungi saya melalui email ataupun ditalian 017-*******."
A proposal to become a writer for a tabloid. Wow! Opportunity knocks...but it could be a trap for this old tiger. Don't worry guys, I'll be careful.

Ahad, Februari 04, 2001

HARIMAU JADIAN GUESTBOOK - [ Provided by: Webmaster Station ]
Somebody Wrote in my guestbook...
"This site quit funny, however, most of the jokes are cetak rompak. visit my site for quality jokes."

and guess what, I have the same comment about his website. FYI, I've been looking for a competitor to benchmark, well until I find a hotter website, his will do. It's fun to have an arch enemy.

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