The JB Readers and Writers Festival celebrates and promotes literacy in Johor Bahru. It aims to provide an avenue for the growth of a community of writers and readers in Johor Bahru. It welcomes novelists, poets, journalists, bloggers and all book lovers. It connects readers of all ages to ideas that enlighten, engage, and entertain. Free of charge.

The Festival is a mini symposium that will feature various sharing and discussion sessions throughout the day, each focusing on the various facets and genres of reading and writing, including literature, social media and non-fiction. A community of writers, booksellers, publishers and avid readers will meet and greet each other. 


JBWRF is supported and funded by JB Arts Festival.  Click the links below for more info.

JBWRF 2016

JBWRF 2015

JBWRF 2014

JBWRF 2013

JBWRF 2012

Sindiket Sol-jah dan JB Arts Festival mempersembahkan


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