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JBWRF 2013

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JB Writers & Readers Festival
14-15 Sept 2013
Location: Danga Bay, JB & Bkt Timbalan
Book Sale. Talks by Publishers and Writers. T-Shirts. Music. Urban Sketchers Johor.


The JB Readers and Writers Festival celebrates and promotes literacy in Johor Bahru. It aims to provide an avenue for the growth of a community of writers and readers in Johor Bahru. It welcomes novelists, poets, journalists, bloggers and all book lovers. It connects readers of all ages to ideas that enlighten, engage, and entertain. Free of charge.

The Festival will feature various sharing and discussion sessions throughout the day, each focusing on the various facets and genres of reading and writing, including literature, social media and non-fiction. A community of writers, booksellers, publishers and avid readers will meet and greet each other. Among others, publishers that participate in this festival are Sindiket Sol-jah, Anai-anai Studio, FIXI, Sang Freud Press, Lejen Press, and Institut Terjemahan Buku Malaysia.

Featured Writers: Amir Muhammad (120 Malay Movies, Rojak), Pipiyapong Abdillah (Kacip, Cewah, Kawah), Chong Keat Aun, and Sharifah Hamzah from Singapore (Kampung Memories - A Life's Journey Revisted).

Tentative Schedule (Still planning)

14 Sept 2013 Saturday

08.00 Urban Sketchers - Johor
10.00 Sindiket Sol-Jah,  Studio Anai-anai
11.00 Grazy Grizzly*, Pocket Press, Moque 
12.00 Biji Press, SuaraSuara
01.00 Rest
02.00 Hafiedzul*, Rabak Lit, Terfaktab Media
03.00 Ilmu Gemilang, Chong Keat Aun 
04.00 Axela*, Lejen Press, Fixi
05.00 Dubook Press, Neon Terbit
06.00 ZFilms Production : Malaysia Nomad
07.00 Rehat
08.00 Agas
09.00 INC*ITBM
10.00 Maskara Shorties (Short Film Marathon at Bkt Timbalan)

15 Sept 2013 Sunday

10.00 Sticky Box, Niya Adriane
11.00 Open Mic*, Sharifah Hamzah
12.00 Wave
01.00 Rest
02.00 Akeem Keroncong*, Zine Tiga Suku, Zine Satu Malam
03.00 Seni Suri Jawi , Merpati Jingga

04.00 Kolumpo*, ITBM
05.00 Press SeLut , Sang Freud Press 
06.00 Publisher Forum
07.00 Rest
08.00 Buku 5
09.00 Perimeter Breach*, Gobok Buku
10.00 Seakan Bintang*, Agas


*Sesi Halwa Telinga


Urban sketchers draw on location, indoors or out, capturing what they see from direct observation. Their drawings tell the story of the surroundings, the places they have travelled. Their drawings are a record of time and place. They use any kind of media and cherish individual styles. Bring your own drawing tools, join them as they do Danga Bay. Free of charge.

Publishers Taking Part

  1. Sindiket Sol-jah
  2. Studio Anai-anai
  3. Dubook Press
  4. Ilmu Gemilang
  5. ITBM
  6. Rabak-Lit
  7. Lejen Press
  8. FIXI
  9. Neon Terbit
  10. Pocket Press
  11. Moque Press
  12. Agas
  13. SeLut Press
  14. Sang Freud Press
  15. Merpati Jingga
  16. Terfaktab Media
  17. Buku Lima
  18. Suara Suara
  19. Biji Press
  20. TigaSuku
  21. Seni Suri Jawi
  22. Zine Satu Malam
Official Merchandise by

Event : PANGGUNG PUNGGOK PERDANA @IMIC MalaysiaDate: 14th September 2013 (Saturday)Venue: Iskandar Malaysia Information Centre (IMIC), Danga Bay, Johor Bahru, JohorTime : 10.00am - 4.00pm
Tentative : 10.15am – 10.45am :Talk by Azharr Rudin (Director of Tukang Perahu Pulau Duyong)
10.45am – 12.00nn:Film Screening 1Tukang Perahu Pulau Duyong – Directed by Azharr Rudin
12.00nn - 1.00pm : Lunch break
1.00pm – 2.30pmCINEMA IN A BOTTLE (a century and a little bit more of wayang): Talk by Hassan Muthalib(Animation Director, Director, TV Producer, Writer, film analyst) 
2.30pm - 3.45pm: Film Screening 2Jalan Pintas – Directed by Nam Ron
3.45pm - 4.00pm : Dismiss and wrap

Maskara Shorties. Short Film Marathon.
9pm 14 Sept 2013. At Bukit Timbalan, Johor Bahru

Film List to Date

  1. Across the Straits - Tan Ai Leng (Singapore). Two young friends with troubled relationship with their parents find comfort in each other..
  2. Destroy - Faizul Omar (Johor Bahru). This film combines computer graphic imagery and realism to portray a bleak future of the world.
  3. Pak Maon Reloaded - Rizal Gunx (Kuala Lipis) . This film gives tribute to Nasib Do Re Mi by reenacting scenes from that film with a modern twist.
  4. Pemandu Pelencong - Tok Rimau (Johor Bahru) . A tour guide gives a jungle hiking guide to a group of city slickers . 
  5. Going Home - Derick Chew (Singapore). This film tells a story of a boy and girl who meet on a train and discover they got something in common that anchor them to the past.
  6. Suweyy  - Cabi (Johor Bahru). This is a story of young man who runs out of luck.
  7. Bukit Pasir - Johnny Nepp dan Pert Doherty (Johor Bahru). This film addresses the future of litter bugs. 
  8. Satu Kata -  Rico Anthony (Surabaya) . This is a tale of a boy who wants to be a chef but the father prohibits.
  9. Journey to the West - Nas Plague (Johor Bahru) . This film documents a journey of a Johorean backpacking crossing the Himalaya toward New Delhi.
  10. Jiwa Suci - Dean Sham (Kuala Lumpur) . A band is searching for a legendary guitarist in the rural area but they have never heard of his music.
  11. Petualang - Dea Ishak (Kuala Lumpur) This is a story of two friends who leave their town to find a new life.
  12. Merentas Dunia Artik Zahariz Khuzaimah (Kuala Lumpur) This film documents a nomad's adventure cycling through the Arctic. 
  13. Orang Asli: On the Border - Karolina Baltulyte (Lithuania), This film takes us on a tour to Orang Laut community.
  14. Zeitgeist- Atta Idrawani (Skudai). This film deals with the need to record history. 

    Across The Straits - Tan Ai Leng

    T-shirt price will be announced later. ForT-Shirt order,  E-mail to sallehrazak90 [at] gmail [dot] com . 


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