Rabu, April 11, 2001

It was already late. The people that I carpooled with made several pitstops. By the time we reached Api-api, cars had been lining along the road for several kilometers. I saw people walking toward a certain destination where the gathering was held. Tonight, Fadzil Noor (PAS President) came to Api-api Pontian. We parked the car and started walking with the crowd. From faraway I saw, "Ceramah PAS -30km.." (PAS speech) 30Km? I didn't think I could manage to walk that far. Approaching the sign, I read "Ceramah PAS- 30km/j) It was only a warning sign for cars to slow down to 30 km/h as there were so many people. Thank goodness. Nevertheless, another reason to buy new glasses. We just walked for 1 km and got a good seat among the crowd of about 10 000 people.

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