Khamis, Mac 29, 2001

The man who won Lunas constituency, YB Saifuddin, came to town. He was going to give a speech on 1) Why BA won in Lunas and 2) The current condition of Anwar Ibrahim. Police erected roadblocks in all entrance areas leading to the assembly. Even, the dark unlit street was not spared. Me and my friends just had to pass them. They just looked at our face and let us through. At the assembly, there were about 20 to 50 policemen, not counting the ones in plain clothes. What was the commotion all about? Why there was the need of this show of force? It's clear that the police force has been used for political gain of the party in control, ie BN! These policemen had, for sure, other better things to do than being the slaves of politicians. They should have taken care the raising crime rate in Johor Bahru and the drug addicts at the empty warehouse at JB train station. NO! Some politicians had to instruct them to guard roads just to intimidate people. But we are no fools. We have done nothing wrong. Despite the roadblocks, many supporters turn up at the gathering. The assembly was peaceful, you can see kids and women listening to the speech. I enjoyed the speech, it was both, informative and entertaining. No matter how hard the policemen tried to maintain their fierce serious look, they also could not help laughing at jokes cracked by the speaker.

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