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"He has already co-written several self-published books, available via the Internet, and is a rabid blogger going by the handle Tok Rimau (tokrimau.blogspot.com)."

"So the message in Kiri is about the need to forgive and to have faith in God as the ultimate and just punisher."


Aref Omar. (20 May 2007). Tales for the everyman. New Sunday Times. Sunday People. p. R17. And the Online Version of Sunday People.

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Cinema: Tales for the everyman


Lecturer Ghazali Bunari has a burning desire to realise his passion for stories through film and everyone’s invited, writes AREF OMAR.

"STORYTELLING is my passion," says Ghazali Bunari, looking neat and composed with a whiff of academia around his bespectacled eyes.

By day, he is an English lecturer attached to the Faculty of Human Resource Development and Management at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in Skudai.

By night, Ghazali weaves tales of everyday life and social commentary on pen, paper and the computer.

He has already co-written several self-published books, available via the Internet, and is a rabid blogger going by the handle Tok Rimau (tokrimau.blogspot.com).

The 38-year-old lecturer, who is trained in applied linguistics, also dabbles in filmmaking.

His latest creative endeavour was a short story for the recent inaugural BMW Shorties short film competition.

The entry Kiri, with a running duration of 17 minutes and 25 seconds, was chosen as one of two shorts for the honourable mention jury award.

As a reward, Ghazali will attend the upcoming Cannes Film Festival in France this month.

The short also bagged the people's choice award, based on votes submitted by the public.

Kiri chronicles the trauma and obsession for revenge of a young girl who witnesses the murder of her father, a retiring militant rebel, by his guerilla leader, Wan Sulong.

She then studies her father's war journal, prepares herself and eventually tracks his killer down.

When she finds Wan Sulong, she discovers that he is now a pious and repentant man.

"As Mahatma Gandhi once said, 'an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind'.

"So the message in Kiri is about the need to forgive and to have faith in God as the ultimate and just punisher.

"If one holds on to revenge, one will be consumed by it," he says.

Although the revenge aspect is not new, Kiri offers grey area characters in the form of the anti-hero and the anti-villain.

"It has a protagonist that can't forgive and an antagonist that repents and accept his punishment willingly," says Ghazali, who got the initial idea for the story from a poem he wrote a few years ago.

The jovial lecturer worked closely with friend and colleague Ahmad Sharifuddin Shamsuddin, who directed and edited the short, to flesh out the story.

With a crew of 30, comprising willing UTM students and colleagues, they shot scenes at Kampung Parit Selangor in Parit Baru, Selangor and Seri Bukit Panjang in Pekan Nenas, Johor.

The whole project took a little over a month to complete and even featured an original theme song, entitled Bidadari Buta (Blind Angel).

Not bad for a crew with minimal equipment and no formal training.

Ghazali is, of course, a film buff and enjoys the wide-eyed wonder of anime maestro Hayao Miyazaki's films, the blurred line between the art film and B-grade genres of Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill films and the grittiness of life in Uwei's Jogho.

Besides the usual distraction of heavy reading and the pounding out of blog entries, Ghazali indulges in the once-a-month ritual of paintball sport in an oil palm estate, camouflage and all, with friends.

"You should try this," he says.

Ghazali recalls his humble beginnings growing up in Flat Bukit Chagar, a place he describes as an urban ghetto in Johor Baru.

"I slept on a rattan sofa until I was too tall for it and then the floor became my bed.

"One of these days I'll do a film about the bittersweet adventures of living with a family of eight in a one-room flat," says the family man, now with three children and residing in a double-storey terrace house.

"Ever since I was young I've thought of filmmaking and it took me three years to realise my new year's resolution to make a film for a competition," says Ghazali, who wants to make films with multiple layers of storytelling that everyone can enjoy from the surface level to the deeper philosophical aspects.

"But I never wanted to make a living out of it. I don't want to be pressured by the economics of the film industry.

"I do this just for the fun of it," he says.

The BMW Shorties competition was aimed at first-time filmmakers as a platform to showcase budding talent. Browse www.bmwshorties.com.my to view the winning entries, together with the rest that made the judges' favourite list.

Aref Omar. (20 May 2007). Tales for the everyman. New Sunday Times. Sunday People. p. R17.

rasso berkata...

promote habis tok.. huhuhu
Bidadari tu tatahan....

Cinta berkata...

yo yo oo Tok!!! (>_<)

leenmafia berkata...

Great article written for you. Kembang hidung. hehehhe...Yeah sir, Jimmy was in Kuching. I HAD to do something right. What would he say about Kuchingites hospitality if I didn't. Hehehe...

irdhihayati berkata...

wahh tok..
sy ada bac a semalam..
i'm proud of u hehee

MO berkata...

As'kum bro Ghazali, I was impressed of your efforts to make short movies. The movie "Kiri" is excellent.what i like is the end message of the story . "Forgive" an excellent universal principle. Question: How can you assist me to make short movies.Plse recommend any books or web-sites. I too love storytelling
May Allah guide u and produce many excellent movies for mankind.
Mohd Osman (mohdosman7@gmail.com)

ayobkelubi berkata...

tajuk entri tu yg tak tahan tu. takut ada orang muntah ker tok?. ha ha ha

hajikadukmatblues berkata...

I love Tok Rimau..aum..aum..aum..

Roti Kacang Merah berkata...

Kembang lagi lubang hidung....aummmm. Syabas, Tok!!! Tumpang bangga ni!

"If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead & rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth writing." Benjamin Franklin (1706-90).

You've pretty much written things worth reading.

So, now's the time you do things worth writing! Syabas sekali lagi, Tok!!!

Mazudi berkata...

Tahniah dan selamat maju jaya.
Tak sangka pulak.

dugongsenyum berkata...

Tengok gambar dan baca artikel aku pulak yang berasa bangga meluap-luap tak tau kenapa, mungkin sebab "woi2 aku kenalla orang dalam paper ni!, kawan aku!"

Rosram berkata...

Tok R memang dah glamour sampai ada di Lumut pun ada orang sampai kt aku.

Tok,kalau ada orang tua tanya apa nama blog ros***,jgn bgtau ya..tak mau glamour mcm Tok la..

Nizam Rusli berkata...


Afyan berkata...


Erra berkata...


iza berkata...

alhamdulillah! Congrats Tok!
err... nak itut pi france, bley? ;)

blackpurple berkata...


"STORYTELLING is my passion," says Ghazali Bunari ..Yearghhh...!

cerebrator berkata...

Tahniah Tok.

Harr, skrng barulah saya tau apa kaitan Tok dgn Bt. Chagar.

Tapi Tok, tak lama lagik flat tu nak roboh. Ok-lar, mungkin lama lagi, memandangkan pihak tak-kuasa asyik tangguh ajer. Wang/rumah pampasan pon tak di-kuasakan jugak...

Walauapa pun, dasarnya, saya menunggu dgn ghairah penerbitan filem pasal hidup di rumah satu bilik. :D

Selamat maju jaya!

fajar berkata...

tahniah tok!
tok skrg dah semakin ke depan.

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