Khamis, Mei 16, 2013

GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition

Fo beginners, here are the GoPro packages you really need. Don't buy everything and find out later you don't really need it. And some of the accessories, can be made DIY.

1. Buy Hero 3 black edition (rm1499) It will come together with remote and basic waterproof housing and mountings. You can't diy this. 

2. Buy 32gb class 10 SD card (rm119). Don't buy 64gb (rm299) as many computers haven't supported it yet. I made this mistake so you don't have to. Think positive. 

Anybody need a 64gb sd card for your dslr, you can negotiate the price with me.

Now you can start shooting. You can start with a car joyride scene. 

3. Buy LCD Bac Pac (rm399) to review your video in playback mode. When you attach this bac pac, your gopro will become bulkier and the original housing cannot be used anymore. Luckily, LCD bac pac comes with bigger housing. Thus, you don't need to buy extra housings or frames.

4. Buy mountings according to your needs. Some people go for surf mounting, some like cycling. As I am into hiking, I bought a seat/handle bar mount (rm89) I'll attach my gopro to a pole. 

I really want a chest mount for POV shots.  A chest mount would cost rm189 but I am thinking of a diy project. Perhaps I'll buy a sport bra and attach the existing mount on it. Ha ha ha. We'll see.

You also need to think how you'll edit your videos. So buy your sd card reader and computers as you go by.

For Malaysian buyers, read these sites before buying. Know your problems before facing them. :-)

Test Camera on Default

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