Rabu, Februari 10, 2010


9 am today I got to know about Google Buzz launch news but the Buzz did not appear on my Gmail account. Only at 9 pm, when I logged on my Gmail, I found the Buzz on my Gmail account.

Like a kid with a new toy, I am so excited. Here's my review after an hour of Buzzing.

1. The Buzz is fairly easy to use.
2. I like the way it pulls info from my blogs, flickr and youtube.
3. I strongly feel it should be called Gbuzz instead of Google Buzz.
4. It is yet to connect to my twitter. Why?
5. So far, my buzzing is limited to other Gmail users. I dont know whether I can connect to Non Gmail users. I'll explore later.
6. I can read comments from the Buzz. I hate it when the same comments are sent to my inbox. Redundancy occurs.
7. My friend Jimbo buzzed at 11.21 am. He got into it earlier than me. Damn. My first buzz was at 9.39pm.
8. I guess there's no limit to the number of characters you can type. So, you can microblog or macroblog. I prefer the standardized twitter limit for everybody. So, everyone's is microblogging. If you want to go macro, you should write on your blog and just tweet the url.
9. Too much white space. Half the width of the column should be enough for me.
10. If the buzz has all the features of twitter and facebook, will it be penalized under anti-monopoly act?
11. Now I have all these social media accounts, I am confused when best to use google buzz and when to use the others.

That's it so far. I will explore more and read reviews by others.

2 ulasan:

BuRuuj berkata...

tok, quite interesting! i'll learn later but the internet is not ok lah since last week. huhu...

Bukan Sepet berkata...

lu memang hero lah tok.

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