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Gambar Hiasan

Boys and girls,

Pakcik diminta menulis tentang hal ini. Pakcik rasa ini pesanan khidmat awam yang baik. Maka Pakcik pun tulis la.

Adalah fakta yang tidak boleh disangkal lagi bahawa banyak perempuan dari lelaki atas menara gading. Mereka ini bijak dan pandai berbahasa Inggeris.

Maka, lelaki-lelaki yang kurang bijak dan tidak pandai berbahasa Inggeris kurang mendapat perhatian dari mereka.

Adalah fakta yang tidak boleh disangkal lagi bahawa dalam dunia tanpa sempadan ini, ramai yang berpeluang berkenalan dengan lelaki luar negeri. Mari kita lihat satu contoh e-mel ayat-ayat power lelaki luar negara.

From: David;;
Date: Wed, Jan 20, 2011 at 1:38 AM
Subject: Re: hello

Hi Tipah Hot,

You must be asleep by now,i just close from from work and just about to go home.Though we did not speak long on the phone,but it was nice to hear your voice.You have good voice,you sound so young and so lively and full of energy.You must be a great person to spend time with.The first thing that captured my interest about you is your smile and then your friendliness,now i also like your voice and i hope we can talk more.

You said that you think that your heart is dead,to me it is a hard word to use when refering to the issue of love.

I would love to know about your family.I have one brother and three sisters,they are all doing well with their families respectively.

How tall are you and what is your favourite colour? i am 6.1ft and i weigh 84kg.When i am not working i spend time reading,watching my favourite tv show,working out in the gym and hanging out with friends.And i normally travel during my holiday.I do not know what else to tell you about myself so i prefer that you ask me anything that you wish to know.

If you wanna call me at anytime,this is my number +447031808888.And tell me your name please i wanna know you by your real name.

Take care and keep in touch.


Sebenarnya ini adalah permulaan satu skim penipuan. Beberapa siri e-mel-mengemel kemudian, David akan terbuka hati memberi hadiah kepada Tipah Hot mungkin sempena harijadi, mungkin sempena valentine, mungkin sempena hari guru, macam-macam hari lagi yang wanita mengharap lelaki bagi hadiah. Lemah pakcik.

Anyway, diceritakan David juga mengepilkan wang tunai untuk membolehkan Tipah beli baju baru atau tiket Airasia. Wakil kastam akan menghubungi Tipah pasal wang tunai dalam hadiah tersebut. Tipah mestilah membayar denda, cukai atau levi dalam jumlah yang besar. Wakil kastam akan memberi nombor akaun untuk Tipah masukkan duit. Dan Tipah pun masukkan duit dalam akaun.

Stop sini. Rasanya pembaca yang tidak pergi menara gading pun dah tahu bahawa wakil kastam itu bukan wakil kastam benar. Dan akaun itu adalah akaun orang jahat. Dan Tipah tertipu.

Kalau Tipah masuk menara gading dan bijaksana, tentulah Tipah dapat kesan penipuan ini kan? Tapi apakan daya, cinta itu buta. Lebih-lebih lagi kalau ayat power itu dalam Bahasa Inggeris.

7 ulasan:

frwls berkata...

kesian tipah.

menunggu cinta oversea yang lebih tiptop


Tanpa Nama berkata...
Ulasan ini telah dialihkan keluar oleh pentadbir blog.
afrohead berkata...

kadang-kadang yang tidak ke menara gading lebih bijak dari yang ke menara gading

Raja Fiqri berkata...

ala, dah tukar jadi pakcik rimau ke? hehe.

mintak copy entri ni bleh?

Lina Misnan berkata...

tip top top top top!
top of the pop!
pop rock !

MushroomCute@Mariea berkata...

Tipah tak pandai Maybank2u...huhuuhuh

Tok Rimau berkata...

From THE STAR Wednesday February 23, 2011
‘Lovelorn Brit and Customs man’ on con spree

JOHOR BARU: She posed as a British woman looking for love and offered expensive gifts to whoever wished to be her boyfriend.

He posed as a Malaysian Customs official who would not allow the items to come into Malaysia without some money being paid for their clearance through the KL Inter­national Airport.

Together, the two college students are said to have conned several people in Johor, Kelantan and Labuan of more than RM200,000 through e-mails and social networking sites, such as Facebook and MySpace.

The police, however, got wind of their scam and nabbed the local girl and a Nigerian man, both in their 20s, at a bank in Kuala Lumpur several days ago.

Initial investigations showed that the girl, who is studying accountancy, had befriended the Nigerian student some time ago.

It is learnt that even professionals were among their victims.

In the latest case, the two allegedly conned an assistant manager of a public listed company of almost RM45,000.

Sometime at the end of last month, the girl had allegedly introduced herself to the victim as a woman from Britain, who was looking for a boyfriend.

After several days of exchanging e-mails, the woman purportedly told her “newfound boyfriend” she was sending him a parcel of gifts, including watches and mobile phones worth more than £100,000 (RM493,000).

“Several days later, however, the victim got a call from a man claiming to be a Malaysian Customs official at the KLIA, who said he needs the recipient of the gifts to pay some money to allow the items into Malaysia,” sources said.

It is learnt that the victim was then asked to pay some money for other charges, processing fees and taxes.

“The victim continued banking in the money until he realised something amiss when all the payments were made to an individual’s account,” the sources said, adding that the victim then lodged a police report here.

Investigations are being carried out under Section 420 of the Penal Code for cheating.

Police have confirmed the arrests.

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