Selasa, Januari 30, 2001

It used to be, then it turned to and now it's Yahoogroups. Within less than two years the mailinglist service that I use to distribute my e-zine changes hands. And I got to inform the subscribers about the changes.But on 2nd thought, I don't think they care.
Lately my life has become a living hell. Too many things to do and so little time. I discover as expected, I know little about my job. Just today I took a proxy server and asked a programmer and 2 technicians to configure the servers. Do I know what is a proxy server? NO! Even the proggramer and the technicians failed to make me understand. Nevertheless, during my monthly report I will report to my superiors that I managed to install a proxy server in our building. They will say.. Proxy Server....? What the...whateverlah...but this new guy is really impressive! Yes fellow friends, I'm the shortsighted king thet rule the blinds!

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