Ahad, Januari 14, 2001

I entered the double storey house of one of the siblings of deputy ministers. The house was nicely decorated with expensive decors. Expensive is a little bit subjective, let's just say I can't afford to buy those things thus they are expensive. I was there because of the host open house invitation. I ate roti jala (I notice I like to talk about food in my log). The other guests had left and I got special treatment from the host. We conversed about today's business climate and UMNO's problems. He's an UMNO but he complained a lot about its leaderships. Here are some juicy predictions & comments from him: 1) Hishammudin time has come. He'll dbe ropped from certain important post. 2) Abdullah needs to control Najib, Tyson and Muhyidin in order to control UMNo. 3) Dr. M is not afraid of PAS and Keadilan but he's more afraid of the UMNO sharks that are waiting for the time he steps down from the thrown. 4) malay unity meeting with PAs is UMNO's trap. And at 5.00 pm, I left the house with full stomach.

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