Selasa, Januari 16, 2001

I am given the responsibility to be the speaker for our community Marhaban group (Team of people that recite Choral Poetry about the Prophet). We visited houses, recite the poetry, I greeted the hosts, wish them happy hari raya. Ask for forgiveness of whatever wrong we did toward them. My speeches last night was simple and short. Why? I needed to finish the round early as Dr. Hassan Ali (Activist) was coming to the nearby housing estate. Some of my fellow neighbors can read me like a book. I was a little bit embarassed. I didn't want to be labeled as opposition extremist. We finished the round about 10.30pm. I rushed to my car and dash to the rally. The funny thing was, as I drove around to find a parking space, I saw my neighbors were doing the same. We are all supporters of Islamic based movement. My anxiety was just a waste of brain cell energy.

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