Isnin, Januari 22, 2001

I raed my own wrutings and found errors and typos...I'll not edit them. They are here to stay. Nobody cares, for all I know, I'm the only one who read my journals. If there are teachers of ESL outthere, aha..U have no power whatsover over me!

Back to today's topic. Notice this whenever you buy pirated VCDs, the beginning part of a VCD does not necessarily represents the whole. What the pirate did was..they insert an introduction of Dolby Stereao taken from a very fine DVD. Thus, just the first 3 minute introduction is crystal clear and the second part of the the VCD is just crap taken in a cinema. If you really need to test the VCD, it's save to view DIsc 2 of the package not disc 1 where the intro is located. Enjoy your shopping. LOng live pirated VCDs!!!

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