Sabtu, Januari 13, 2001

It was 3.15 p.m., the sate (BBQ chicken cubes on bamboo stick) was late. Better late than never. I despatched the whole $150 worth of sate to the feast hall. We listened to Hari Raya speech by the Dept. Hari Raya Gathering Director. We started eating.So much food ..sate..laksa..cakes...noodles..cookies...air basuh tangan...etc. Enough to feed an army! I had a meeting, so I just ate for 30 minutes...pity me. There must be leftovers by the time I finish the meeting, I thought. At 5.00 p.m. the Director came to my meeting room and asked me to return the empty sate containers to the supplier. Where's the sate..there's no more... thought I saw a lot. The Director smiled, "Obviously you collegues tupperwarized (tapau) the whole food ration. Enough for them to organize a private open house at home!" Should have taken the food when I left the Feast Hall.

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