Rabu, Ogos 25, 2010


RM54. Nike LEBRON 7 PLAYGROUND (LBJ) Basketball - Red/Black - Size 7

  • LeBron endorsed design in cushioned rubber for ultimate grip and feel in an outdoor ball.
  • Soft-touch cushioned rubber cover for ultimate grip and feel for the outdoor game.
  • Wraparound Panel construction eliminates intersecting channels on sides of the ball so making it easier for players to find a shooting groove and providing more consistent touch and shot rotation.
  • Moulded deep-channel design gives easier hand alignment and ball control.
  • Rotationally wound butyl carcass / Superior shape retention.

RM199.  Adidas G08273 Attack Feather
Untuk mengelakkan kecederaan kaki seorang pemain bola keranjang perlu memiliki kasut yang selamat. Stay light on your feet and take over the game with this adidas basketball shoe. The Attack Feather's durable low weight design and feathered construction delivers multidirectional superiority. Low weight meets high performance. The Attack Feather has engineered the support you need to stay on your toes and keep you opponents on the defensive. Feathered construction allows for ultimate performance in multidirectional sports.

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